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Chapel of St. Jadwiga of Silesia in Zadni Groń

district: Czarne
st. Zameczek 1
tel.: 33 854 65 00

The Chapel of St. Jadwiga of Silesia in Zadni Groń in Wisła is a part of a residence of the president of Poland which is colloquially called ‘The President’s Castle‘. The Chapel is one of the stops on the Trail of Wooden Architecture in the district of Silesia.

The wooden construction was built in 1909 in Tyrolean style and it was made of ready to assemble elements delivered from Przyszowice near Rybnik. The Chapel is older than the president’s residence, it used to serve as a chapel of the old Habsburg’s hunting lodge (the lodge burnt in 1927). The architect of the Chapel was a court architect of the Habsburg family Albin Prokop. Inside the Chapel there is a baroque altar from the first half of the XVII century moved from a church in Bystrzyca in Zaolzie. The altar contains two paintings from 1638: The Way of the Cross and Assumption and Coronation of Holy Mary. On the walls of the Chapel you can see a Crucifix from the first half of the XVII century showing the Holy Family and a XVII century old painting. The second Crucifix is from the first half of the XV century and is kept in the choir part of the chapel. The main nave is separated from the presbytery with a decorative forged railings. Right in front of the altar there are two armchairs for the president couple. On the left there is a statue of St. Jadwiga of Silesia with a purse in her hand (a gift from Mrs. Jolanta Kwaśniewska), on the right there is a Baptismal font (a gift from Mr. Aleksander Kwaśniewski) and above it a little Crucifix and copper and silver tabernacle (a gift from Mrs. Maria Kaczyńska).

The services are held every Sunday: 10.30 a.m. (protestant), 12 a.m. catholic)

You have to have an ID to enter the place.

Admission free

Opening hours :
Wednesday - Saturday at 11 a.m., 12.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. for groups of 15 -20 people with a guide after a phone arrangement.

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