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Tourists Mountain Shelter on Mount Stożek

district: Głębce
st. Turystyczna 19
tel.: 33 855 27 10
tel.: +48 606 11 82 02

The shelter was completed in 1935 by the architect Stanisław Chorubski.

The tourists mountain shelter on Mount Stożek Wielki (975 meters above the sea level) is a wooden four – storey building on a square plan. In spite of its huge size of about 400 square meters it has been designed with a sense of proportions and makes it look smaller than it really is. The crucial element of the building is its very high, stone ground level which was designed to compensate for the step drops of the land around it. The ground floor is surrounded from the west, the south and the east by glass verandas. Altogether in the years between World War I and II the shelter had about thirty guests rooms including the glass verandas. Built in the Podhale – Beskid architecture style it is today the oldest building of that type constructed by the Polish Tourists Association in the Cieszyn Silesia area.

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