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Ski jumping hill of Adam Małysz in Wisła Malinka

district: Malinka
st. Malinka 4
tel.: 33 855 51 05

The original ski jumping hill in Wisła Malinka was built in 1933 in an area of the National Forest. The first record holder was a ski jumper from Silesian Sport Club Mieczysław Kozdruń and his jump was 41 meters long. In the beginning the ski jump was a wooden construction but later on it was modernized two times: in 1953 and in 1970, a new judges tower was added and the run was made of steel. After the modernization the new construction point was raised to 105 meters. A significant number of international competitions was held there and the list of the record holders includes the names of the best Polish ski jumpers: Stanisław Marusarz, Antoni Wieczorek, Władysław Tajner and Zdzisław Hryniewiecki. The first one to jump 100 meters was Janusz Malik. The last competition on the old ski jump was held on 23 February, 2001, it was the Championships of Poland and the winner, with a record of 112.5 meters, was Wojciech Skupień.

Thanks to the successes of Adam Małysz – the most famous Polish ski jumper – the decision was taken to completely reconstruct the old ski jumping hill. In October 2003 the project of a new K-120 (HS – 134) ski jumping hill was accepted and the works on the new complex began in winter 2004. Everything went well till August 2006 when an unexpected landslide in the landing part of the construction caused some delay in work. Eventually, the new ski jump was not completed in 2007 as it had been planned but a year later on 27 September, 2008 and then it was given the name of Adam Małysz to honor and commemorate his great achievements. It was also him who was the first one to jump at the new ski jump during the Summer Championships of Poland (25 - 28 September 2008). The first record holder was Paweł Słowiok who managed to jump 123 meters but his record was soon beaten by Adam Małysz who became the champion of Poland with the result of 132.5 meters. On the very next day the record was beaten by yet another ski jumper Marcin Bachleda who jumped 133.5 meters.

The first international competition – the Continental Cup was held in February 2009 and in 2010 the first in Wisła competition in the series of FIS Grand Prix took place and the winner was Adam Małysz. The first, historic World Cup Competition was held on 9 January, 2013 and since that time Wisła has been the host of that prestigious and important competition.

The present record holder is Stefan Kraft from Austria who set up the record of 139 meters during the qualification jumps before the first World Cup Competition in Wisła. The summer record holder is Kamil Stoch, a double world champion, who jumped at 136 meters during the team championship FIS Grand Prix in 2013.

Technical data:

Construction point (K): 120 meters

Ski jump hill size (HS): 134 meters

Capacity: 8 thousand people

Built in: 1933
Reconstructed in: 1970, 2004 – 2008

Opening hours: 10a.m. – 6.m. daily

The chairlift runs every hour or for groups of more than 15 people

Admission: free

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