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The Alley is lined with statues showing the artistic vision of characters known from legends and tales of the Silesian Cieszyn.

The Historic Adventure Park has been built as an element of a European project and is now a part of the Kopczyński Park. The project was called ‘Begin visiting Poland from the source. Revitalization of the Kopczyński Park‘. The park is filled with...

In the very centre of the town.

The Sports Stars Alley was created for commemoration of the opening of the new ski jumping hill named after the most famous Polish ski jumper Adam Małysz. The alley is made of bronze boards embedded in the sidewalk in...

The amphitheatre is situated in the centre of Wisła between the Hoff Square and the sidewalk along the Vistula River. It has undergone a very serious reconstruction and today it has a very nice roofing and much more comfortable seats, there are also...

The centre of the town is the Hoff Square built during the inter-war period. It was then that the town gained a lot of its popularity and became a well know holiday resort. The front of the arcades was built in the thirties of the XX century. Then the...

The oak was planted near the Statue of the Vistula River Source on 13 June, 2014 by Mr. Bronisław Komorowski - the president of Poland. Altogether the president has planted 25 oaks of freedom and one of them is in the place where the Queen of Polish...

The chocolate figure of the most famous ski jumper in the history of Poland – Adam Małysz was made in 2001 by the best Wisła confectioners as a gift in commemoration of all the achievements of the champion from Wisła. It was made of a block of white...

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