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Wisła encourages personal development. You can learn in many ways but there is no better way than learning and fun and this is what Wisła is very good at. There are numerous offers for both individuals and organized groups in the town.

Winter offer

Winter in Poland is usually associated with skiing and our town is one of the best places in Poland for this kind of activity. One of the advantages of Wisła is a significant number of gentle slopes with special ski lifts for the beginners who can start their new adventure under a supervision of professional and experienced trainers which is extremely important at the first stage of learning. The lessons in the ski schools are for individuals and for organized groups as well. Another advantage of the professional supervision is that the parents are free to do what they really like to when their kids learn to ski. Wisła is a well known centre of cross country skiing as well. The Academy of Cross Country Skiing in Wisła offers free training lessons in classical style for the beginners twice a week if weather permits. The lessons are conducted at the Sport Club in Jonidło, around the pond and next to the walking route along the Vistula River. There is a possibility of renting some equipment and gear at the club and there are plenty of places and routes to practice cross country skiing.

Another, more and more popular form of winter sports are skiturs – a combination of cross country skis with classical skis – which make it possible to discover the beauty of the tourist routes in Wisła in winter. You can take advantage of the instructor and a guide to make such a trip an unforgettable experience.

Since not everybody is a keen fan of physical activity in the open air, there are several indoor options for those who are a little less fit. The Centre of Culture in Wisła organizes several workshops and activities such as: dancing workshops or decoupage classes for example both for individuals and for organized groups (after a phone appointment).

Summer offer

From the early spring till the end of autumn Wisła is a very attractive place for all kinds of school excursions and so called ‘green schools ‘. Young people can discover the beauty of the Beskid Mountains, learn the culture and history of the place or discover the sources of the longest Polish river – the Vistula. Plenty of accommodation in Wisła waits for both individuals and groups, most with teaching and conference facilities.

Many of the tops of the mountains in Wisła can be reached not only on foot but also by cable cars which can take you up Mount Stożek, Mount Soszów, Mount Skolnity and Mount Cieńków. A visit to Wisła is also a very good way to integrate a group for example during a sleigh ride which can be held not only in winter but also in summer in special carts. The rides usually end with a feast in a tourist shelter with some delicious local food and traditional, folk music.

During the summer holidays Wisła hosts a great number of summer camps for children and teenagers from all over the country and they meet here a wide range of activities prepared by the Centre of Culture both indoor and in the park next to the Centre. The great majority of the activities are free of any charges. There is also a very rich offer of guided tours in the Beskid mountains but also abroad, in the Czech Republic organized by the local tourist offices. And last but not least – sports activities – professional and experienced instructors will help to learn the secrets of tennis, Nordic walking or horse riding for example.


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