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Wisła is the tourist destination which is really family friendly. A great number of attractions are offered to the children and their parents all the year round: sledging, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow games, sleigh rides are only a few examples of the numerous offers for the children.

Playgrounds, sandpits, amusement parks, swings, rope parks, climbing walls, trampolines, shooting ranges, bike and scooter rentals, excursions, horse riding, bike and roller-blade trails, swimming-pools and aquaparks, swimming in the Vistula, cable cars, football, volleyball and basketball playgrounds, tourist paths, special educational paths for children, tennis courts, summer sleigh rides, Alley of Tales and Legends, Adventure Park and plenty of other attractions will make your stay here an unforgettable experience.

This is also a perfect place to take up some sport activities. Most children are very open minded and it is really worth making them do some kind of sport. It is also very important to have the first lessons with professional and experienced instructors to learn the basic elements in the right way. The instructors will also look after your kids and provide them with the appropriate equipment and gear. During the winter break all the skiing schools and kindergartens are open for children so that their parents can have some free time for themselves. There are special classes for the beginners and for the more experienced skiers. In the autumn and spring seasons Wisła becomes a very popular place for so-called green schools, holiday camps, sports meetings and so on.

The most important element of a successful holidays is the accommodation you choose. Wisła offers over 12 thousand beds in accommodation of various standard, many of them with special facilities for children. A playground, a playroom, football, basketball or volleyball playgrounds plus a number or games in case of bad weather are almost standard facilities. Quite a lot of the accommodation is especially designed for families with little children and some special procedures are introduced there (for example: night silence is very strictly observed).

If you come to Wisła not by car there is a very rich offer of public transport: buses, mini buses, trains or taxis will take anywhere you want to go and many of them have some disabled facilities and facilities for a mother with a baby in a pram.

Wisła is also famous for its traditional local cuisine. The restaurants and traditional inns offer plenty of very original, local dishes which are also served in many guesthouses and boardinghouses. Those who prefer more typical, European cuisine will be definitely satisfied with the offer of numerous pizza huts, fish & chips, pubs and restaurants. Sweet lovers will be satisfied to taste the delicious desserts served in the local cafés. Eating is a very important issue as most visitors to our town admit that the combination of fresh air, physical activity and good fun butters their apetite.


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