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The history of Wisła goes back the end of the XVI and beginning of the XVII century. The first pieces of land to be colonized were the ones along the Vistula river and the first activities here were forestry and shepherd works in the so called ‘wałach’ style.

The first few times the name of Wisła was mentioned in an official document were:

  1. An official document of the Cieszyn Prince Adam Wacław. The date was 7 October, 1615 and the document concerned the borderline between the prince’s land and Martin Kloch’s land.
  2. The land register of prince of Cieszyn where the location is described as ‘large meadow‘ which was later developed into a village (today it is probably an area next to the train station PKP and so called Piła).

In the oldest documents a plural form of the name was used – ‘na Wisłach’ because the first settlement started along more than one creek of the Vistula and there was no one, central area.

- The oldest settler known by his name was Jakub Ściskała and the next one was Tomek Cieślar.
- In 1643 Princess Elisabeth Lucretia decided to place the village in the register of the prince’s properties – it was connected with use fees for the prince.
- From the very beginning almost all inhabitants were Lutheran Protestants and around 1620 the first church was built.
- Elisabeth Lucretia died in 1653 and all her possessions were taken over by the Habsburgs.


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