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Wisła in bad weather

district: Centrum

As the words of a popular Polish song say ‘children get bored when it rains…’ but this not true when they are in Wisła. There is plenty to do even when the weather is really bad.

Aquaparks, indoor swimming-pools, saunas, salt caves, bowling alleys, gyms – they all can be an alternative when walking, hiking or skiing is not possible because of the weather.

There are dozens of places to visit in Wisła and in the neighborhood – The Sport Gallery of Adam Małysz’s trophies, the Beskid Museum with the Wooden Buildings Enclave, the Residence of the President of Poland, the ski jumping hills in the centre of the town (K10, K20 and K40), the ski jumping hills in Łabajów (K10, K35 and K65), the ski jumping hill of Adam Małysz in Malinka (K120), the Habsburgs’ Hunting Pavillion, the chocolate statue of Adam Małysz, several museums: of skiing, of pharmacy, of parachuting with some unique and fascinating exhibits in all of them. There are also some old and modern churches and interesting art galleries: U Kocyana, U Niedzwiedzia, Zapiecek u Jędrysa and Villa Japonica. These are the places which are really worth visiting to learn something about the history, the culture, the religion and the ethnography of the Pearl of the Beskid Mountains – this is what our town is called – the place where the longest river in Poland –the Vistula has its sources.

For those who are not very fond of sight-seeing there is a very rich cultural offer: concerts, shows and events are usually held in a roofed amphitheatre named after Stanisław Hadyna or on the small scene in Hoff Square. The town library is also a place of many interesting lectures and presentations.

Another popular attraction of the town and an option for those who are not keen on walking is Wiślańska ciuchcia – a kind of a cart pulled by a locomotive resembling vehicle. A ride along some most beautiful valleys is an unforgettable experience. You can also travel all around the town by public transport: buses, vans or taxis, many with disabled facilities or facilities for little children.

When the weather is too bad to do anything there is always the alternative of a great number of restaurants, pubs, pizza huts, cafes and traditional inns where you can taste delicious local cuisine as well as some more typical dishes and drinks – it is well worth trying miodonka from Wisła – a highly recommended kind of drink made of vodka, honey and herbs.

How would you like to spend your time here?

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