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The fact is that we live our lives today in a hurry, often in great stress and while planning our vacation we do not only look for a nice place but also for a place where we can restore both our body and mind. This is exactly what Wisła has to offer: relaxing and anti-stress baths, Jacuzzis, massages, saunas, beauty treatments for men and women – it is the place for those looking for some balance between body and mind.

A few day long stay in peace and quiet – in the heart of the Beskid mountains - will help you regain your strength and energy. The offer of the hotels and guesthouses in Wisła is really very wide: warm chocolate or warm stone massages, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, beauty treatments, cosmetic and hairdressing services, peeling, manicure and pedicure. These and many other services are always carried out by professional and experienced staff who often work with Polish sports champions.

After a treatment the guests can take a relaxing walk along the forest paths to Kaskady Rodła, around Lake Czerniańskie or to the sources of the Vistula for example. An evening spent on a sleigh and then at a feast in a traditional inn with a bonfire and some live music may be an unforgettable experience and the taste of the delicious local cuisine will be remembered for a long time.

A very modern, roofed amphitheatre in the centre of the Pearl of the Beskid Mountains -as our town is often called - is yet another attraction. This is the place where most concerts, festivals, folk events or cabarets are held. This is also the place of the annual show of the School of Dance of Piotr Galiński. The amphitheatre is also the stage of one of the biggest folk festivals in Europe – the Week of the Beskid Culture which is held here in late July and early August every year and a country festival – Wiślaczek Country. Folk art lovers can buy unique pieces of art and souvenirs in numerous stalls around the amphitheatre.

The breathtaking panoramas of the snowy or green mountains around the town or sunbathing both in winter and in summer at the height of 450 – 1200 meters above the sea level fulfill the time spent in Wisła.

How would you like to spend your time here?

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