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The tops of the mountains in Wisła can be reached in more than one way. For those who are less experienced or not fit enough there is an alternative of a cable car. Even in the summer season some cable cars wait for the tourist. The most popular are cable cars to the top of: Stożek, Skolnity, Soszów, Cieńków, Czupel and the ski jumping hill in Malinka.

Stożek - The ski resort at Stożek is situated at the foot of Mount Stożek (998 meters a.s.l.), one of the most important mountains in the Silesian Beskid. The top of the mountain is only a few hundred meters from the last stop of the cable car, next to one of the oldest tourist shelters of PTTK (Polish Tourist Organization). This is the place where you can rest a little, have some meal or even stay for a few days. It can also be a very convenient starting point for further trips to Mount Soszów, Mount Czantoria or Mount Kiczory. From the early spring to the end of autumn a lot of sports events take place on Mount Stożek as well.

Soszów - The ski resort at Soszów is situated at the foot of Soszów Wielki (886 meters a.s.l.) next to the red tourist route and it is also the first part of the Main Beskid Route. The top of the mountain is exactly between Mount Stożek and Mount Czantoria. For those who are not very keen on extensive physical effort there is a very nice, easy route to be taken – you can start your excursion at the lower cable car station Soszów then walk along the mountain ranges of Mount Cieślar and Mount Mały Stożek to the top of Mount Wielki Stożek and then take the cable car down to the valley of Łabajów, you can also walk the opposite way. There is a tourist shelter at the top of the mountain.

Skolnity - The cable car to the top of Mount Skolnity is in the very centre of the town. There is a breathtaking panorama of the whole town and the mountains around it from the top which is 672 meters above the sea level. You can either start an excursion to Mount Stożek, Mount Czantoria or Mount Soszów from there or relax on a terrace next to a lovely café. In spring and in summer there is an extreme downhill cycling route for the enthusiasts of extreme sports.

Cieńków - The cable car at the ski resort on Mount Cieńków takes the tourists to the top of the mountain which belongs to the range of Mount Barania. The upper station of the cable car is next to a café and a terrace and it is also a very good starting point from where you can choose several routes in almost every direction: you can walk around Pętla Cieńkowska and and then to the ski jump of Adam Małysz, you can take the walk down to the valley of Malinka or you can take the yellow route either to Mount Barania or to Mount Skrzyczne with a nice view of the dam in Wisła Czarne and the residence of the president of Poland in Zadni Groń.

Ski jump of Adam Małysz - The cable car at the ski jump of Adam Małysz. For those who are very fond of ski jumping it is a brilliant opportunity to see the biggest ski jumping hill in the Beskid Mountains from the top of it. There is also a café there where you can rest and then either go down by cable car or take the yellow route and start a very nice excursion to Cieńków and then to Mount Barania.

Nowa Osada - The cable car at the ski resort Nowa Osada is at the foot of Mount Czupla (882 meters a.s.l.) between the valley of Malinka and Gościejów and it is near Mount Smerowec where you can get if you take the green route. The ski resort also offers a restaurant and a free car park. There are two tourist routes running nearby – to Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie or to Samopol Pass. From the early spring to the end of autumn the ski resort also offers a new and not very well known attraction – a ride on a mountain scooter.

Stok - Hotel ‘Stok’ is the only hotel in the Beskid Mountains which has its own cable car next to it. The new, four person cable car was opened in December 2016 and it takes the skiers to the top of Mount Kiczera where they can relax at a restaurant or on a viewing terrace. All in all there are three ski routes, a highlander inn down the slope, a winter playground, a car par and many other facilities.

At every ski resort with a cable car there are restaurants and car parks as well as integration events organizer offices.

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