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Beskid Museum and Wooden Building Enclave

district: Centrum
st. Stellera 1
tel.: 33 855 22 50

The Beskid Museum of A. Podżorski is in the very centre of the town in the building of an old, historic inn from 1794. It is a two storey stone and brick building with gabled roof covered with shingle and with a large cellar. The Beskid Museum which has always been a branch of the museum in Cieszyn was opened on 16 August in 1964 during the first Week of Beskid Culture. Its activities include the area of Istebna, Jaworzynka, Koniaków, Wisła and Brenna - all places which belong to the ethnographic group of the Silesian Highlanders. The initiator of the museum was Mr. Andrzej Podżorski and that is why he is the patron of it.

The permanent exhibition consists of exhibits showing life and work of people living in the Silesian Beskid Mountains. The exhibition is divided into several departments which present different aspects of life in the region: shepherds, weaving, woodwork, agriculture. You can see examples of typical men and women folk costumes and the most beautiful pieces of folk art. Another tourists attraction is the interior of the old peasant’s hut . The permanent exhibition is always complemented by temporary exhibitions on different subjects. There is also a very rich collection of professional paintings by: Czesław Kuryatta, Ludwik Konarzewski, Jan Wałach, Paweł Steller and a collection of old prints, archives and old photographs.

In 2010 the museum was extended by a new and very attractive element – the Wooden Building Enclave. It was opened on 6 October in 2010 and consisted of a smithy (with an exhibition of tools and a reconstruction of original blacksmith’s workplace), a reconstruction of a typical peasant’s hut with the furniture and utensils, a pastoral collie and an old apiary with a herbarium (in the summer season).

The history of the enclave goes back to the 80s of the XX century and to Mr. Jan Krop – the head of the museum at that time. It was his idea to move, in 1986, the old Szarzec hut from Wisła Jonidło to the place near the museum and the old school ‘U niedźwiedzia’. The present head of the museum – Małgorzata Kiereś has continued the project and enriched it with new objects. All the installation is a very interesting exposition of traditional elements of the folk culture of Silesian Highlanders. During the summer season the place is the site of several original cultural events.

Opening Hours:

Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Wednesday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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