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There is a gallery in the restaurant ‘Zapiecek u Jędrysa‘ where some well known and popular artists have their exhibitions.

The gallery is open every day from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. and all the paintings are for sale.

The gallery is in the centre of the town , in Piwniczka Road in the building of Dom Zdrojowy – the entrance from Kopczyński Park.
The art gallery ‘Creative Group Wiślanie’ is the place where you can see the works of artists from Wisła, most of the...

The Beskid Museum of A. Podżorski is in the very centre of the town in the building of an old, historic inn from 1794. It is a two storey stone and brick building with gabled roof covered with shingle and with a large cellar. The Beskid Museum which...

A place for those who look for something extraordinary, a place where one can see images of dreams and alternative reality seen by somebody else. This is the place where one can slow down, sit down and admire the talent and fantasy of others. This is...

The museum of parachuting is located in ‘Agawa‘. It was opened in 2003 on the eve of the 60th anniversary of landing in Poland lieutenant Adolf Pilch and the 62nd anniversary of landing in Dębowiec a group of special troops during the Second World...

The museum of Pharmacy is situated in a Highlander’s Hut ‘Kleszczonka’. The 150 year old smithy where tongs used to be made (the name of the place was taken from the word – tongs) collapsed under the weight of snow in 2004 but a new one was built in...

Wisła is a place of very rich skiing traditions going back to the XIX century. Thanks to one of our inhabitants Adam Małysz – a multiple world champion in ski jumping - the town has gained enormous fame and popularity not only in Poland but also in...

The Museum of Tourism in the Silesian Beskid Mountains is located in Przysłop on the slope of Barania Mount. The museum was opened in 1994 thanks to efforts of many people, among them Edward Moskała whose idea was to build a museum dedicated to...

Muzeum Magicznego Realizmu zostało otwarte 26 kwietnia 2017 roku. Ponad 300 obrazów, rzeźb i grafik czołowych, polskich twórców surrealizmu, a także izba poświęcona Julianowi Ochorowiczowi – to wszystko miłośnicy sztuki i historii znajdą w...

You can buy some souvenirs at the gallery.

The gallery is situated in Oaza, next to the roundabout. The gallery is a great collection of all the trophies that Adam Małysz has won both in Poland and all over the world. The most precious exhibits are...

A Sculpture Workshop and the Garden of Art ‘JanosikArt’ is an original idea of showing some unusual etnodesign deeply rooted in the folk and spiritual culture of the Carpathians.

We generally concentrate on folk carvings in Zakopane style, yet we are...

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