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Ski jump hill in Wisła Centrum

district: Centrum

The complex of ski jumps in Wisła Centrum consists of three ski jumps: HS-10, HS- 20 and HS-40 which were built in the place of the old tree ski jumps: K-17, K-23 and K-40. The original three ski jumps were built in the centre of the town in the years 1962 – 1964 and they were the place where Adam Małysz jumped for the first time in his life. A popular anecdote says that he landed in his socks only because the ski shoes were too big for him. The ski jumps were completely modernized in 1997 and in 2005 new runs were built. Over the time they got old and it was necessary to replace them with new ones which meet the approval requirements of FIS.

The official opening of the new object took place on 31 July, 2015 during the FIS Grand Prix in Wisła Malinka in the presence of Apoloniusz Tajner – the president of the Polish Ski Union, Walter Hofer – the director of the World Cup FIS and Adam Korol – the Minister of Sport and Tourism. The First International Beskid Cup competition for children and teenagers was held to celebrate the opening ceremony. The main investor of the new complex was the Wisła municipality and it was built on the land which belongs to the protestant parish in Wisła. The complex was funded by: The Marshal Office – 2 million PLN, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism – 1 million PLN and the Wisła municipality - 6 hundred thousand PLN. Altogether the three new ski jumps: HS-10, HS- 20 and HS - 40 were built as well as new judges tower, trainer stand and changing rooms for the ski jumpers and the area around the place was developed and fenced. All the three ski jumps have got ceramic inrush tracks, an artificial landing zone and a sprinkler system. At present they are the training facilities of the local sport club WSS Wisła.

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