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Location: Czarne
Czarna Wisełka Road

The educational – nature path on Mount Barania is situated in the area on and around the top of the mountain. It runs along the valley of the Black Vistula River to the top of Mount Barania and then back along the...

Location: Czarne

The Educational Path is situated at the foot of the water dam in Wisła Czarne. It goes partly along the Vistula River and partly through the forest. The path is designed in order to show its users the variety of different kinds of...

The exhibition ‘Grouse in the forests of Silesian Beskid’ is situated in the old Habsburg Hunting Mansion in Lipowa Road.

The exhibition shows a diorama of grouses in their natural environment and a short history of the Habsburg dynasty and their...

Location: in the centre
Bulwar Księżycowy Road

35 boards with photographs and descriptions of all the Vistula River from its sources to the Baltic Sea.

The Forest Chamber in Przysłop is in fact an old forester’s lodge. Built in 1863 it was the oldest wooden building in Wisła and it used to serve as a shelter for grouse hunters who later moved to a Hunter’s Castle (which is now in the centre of Wisła...

Location: Malinka

The path starts behind the ski jump in Malinka and it is a short one – it takes about 30 minutes to walk all the path. The path runs on flat ground along the stream Malinka. The beginning of the path is surrounded with 7 colorful...

On most of the mountain tops in the Beskid Mountains the tourists can not only admire the boards with breathtaking panoramas of the mountains but they are also provided with a lot of information about them.

Cieńków, Cieślar, Czupel, Groń, Jarzębata,...

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