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The Award of the Town of Wisła was passed by the Town Council in 1999. It is awarded for some outstanding achievements in the field of literature and art and it is in a form of a bronze statuette ‘Three spruce trees‘ and a money prize. Here is the chronological list of the awarded people and bands:

2000 – Jan Krop, Teodor Cienciała. Folk band ‘Wisła’, Singing group ‘Wańcy’
2001 – Jan Kocyan, Zuzanna Bujok
2002 – Władysława Maryiok – Cieślarowa
2003 – Paweł Lazar, Brass Orchestra directed by Henryk Itner
2004 – Jerzy Szarzec, Evangelical - Lutheran Choir of the Wisła – Center
2005 – Mieczysława Lisowska, Singing group ‘Czernianie’
2006 – Teresa Łączyńska, Singing group ‘Grónie’
2007 – Stefan Pojda, Art Society Wiślanie
2008 – A branch of the Music School in Wisła, Irena Branc
2009 – Maria Szturc, Singing group ‘Tkocze’
2010 – Helena Pustówka, Society of the Dancing and Singing Band in Wisła
2011 – Aleksandra Oczkowska, Singing group ‘Uścieńkowianie’
2012 – Maria Gatner – Guzy, Danuta Szczypka
2013 – Krystyna Pilch, Evangelical - Lutheran Choir of Wisła – Głębce
2014 – Małgorzata Kiereś, Evangelical - Lutheran Parish In Wisła
2015 – Barbara Drozd
2016 – Musical Society of Jerzy Drozd

2017 - Ewa Lazar, Singing group 'Stejizbianki'

The Golden Statuette of the ‘Source of the Vistula’ is the most important award to be given to the most meritorious for the town. It was awarded for the first time in 2002.

The meritorious people are:

2002 – Adam Małysz, local athlete, the best Polish ski jumper in the history, World Cup multimedalist, four times World Champion, multiple winner of the world championships and championships of Poland.

2005 – Edward Szymański – a minister in president Aleksander Kwaśniewski’s office. He was the person who initiated, supervised and succeeded in reconstructing the official residence of the president in Zadni Groń in Wisła Czarne.

2006 – Jerzy Pilch – a writer, a journalist, a drama writer and a screenwriter from Wisła. The winner of Literary Award ‘Nike’ (1999) and of ‘Passport of Polityka Magazine' (1998) for the novel: ‘Irrevocably lost lef-handedness’. In 2001 he was awarded with ‘Nike‘ again for his novel: ‘Strong angel‘, the author of popular novels: ‘The fall of a man at the central railway station’, ‘A city of affliction‘, ‘Holy Father’s skis’ or ‘My first suicide‘ – another ‘Nike’ award in 2007.


The Award of Silver Cieszynianka

1997 Adam Małysz
1998 Teodor Cienciała
1999 Stefan Pojda
2000 Helena Pustówka
2001 Władysława Cieślar
2002 Jan Szturc
2003 Apoloniusz Tajner
2004 Andrzej Pilch
2005 Witold Szozda
2006 Zuzannna Bujok
2008 Paweł Podżorski
2009 Teresa Łączyńska
2010 Jerzy Cienciała
2011 Karol Nogowczyk
2012 Cezary Drzewiecki
2013 Wiktor Buczek
2014 Jerzy Kufa
2015 Andrzej Wąsowicz
2016 Father Waldemar Szajthauer

2017 Danuta Szczypka

Honorary Golden Cieszynianka

2008 Jerzy Pilch
2010 Adam Małysz


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