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Kocyan’s cottage

district: Nowa Osada
st. Bajcary 6
tel.: 33 855 51 98

Admission free

This unique place on the map of Wisła is situated in Osiedle Bajcary – it is a wooden hut of Kocyan which was transformed into Jan Kocyan’s Chamber of Creative Work. The hut was built in 1930 and then moved from Osiadle Borowina in Wisła Czarne to Nowa Osada where it has been reconstructed and now serves as an example of wooden architecture. The two rooms of the hut are connected by a hallway. The larger one now houses an exhibition of Jan Kocyan’s sculptures and some old kitchen utensils: pots, kettles, wooden spoons, butter molds and so on. The hallway is an exhibition of old tools and devices: cooper’s, wheelwright’s and carpenter’s. The second room is now an exhibition of folk art, both amateur and professional, of the Silesian Beskid. This is where you can see the most interesting works of the folklore sculptors, painters, embroidery and lace makers. An interesting collection of glass paintings and some works of the folk artists from Zaolzie have also been exhibited here.

The author of the Chamber of Creative Work - Jan Kocyan is a very well known folklore artist from the Silesian Beskid. Another unique project of Mr. Jan Kocyan is an original apiary constructed in the old way with the use of traditional techniques and materials such as tree bark for example.

The Chamber of Creative Work is not only very precisely reconstructed and saved example of old wooden architecture but it is also a very successful combination of the past with a workshop of a modern folklore artist. It plays a very important role in popularizing Wisla tradition.

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