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The Chapel of St. Jadwiga of Silesia in Zadni Groń in Wisła is a part of a residence of the president of Poland which is colloquially called ‘The President’s Castle‘. The Chapel is one of the stops on the Trail of Wooden Architecture in the district...

The Forest Chamber in Przysłop is in fact an old forester’s lodge. Built in 1863 it was the oldest wooden building in Wisła and it used to serve as a shelter for grouse hunters who later moved to a Hunter’s Castle (which is now in the centre of Wisła...

Originally the mansion was situated in a forest clearing (Przysłop) on one of the slopes of Mount Barania and it used to be a hunting lodge of archduke Fryderyk Habsburg. It was built in 1897 in alpine style, in a form of a square with wooden pile...

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This unique place on the map of Wisła is situated in Osiedle Bajcary – it is a wooden hut of Kocyan which was transformed into Jan Kocyan’s Chamber of Creative Work. The hut was built in 1930 and then moved from Osiadle Borowina in...

The wooden church was built in the years 1981 – 1983 in Wisła Głębce. A much older part of the church is the historic tower from the XVII century size 8.75 x 8.40 and 30.5 meters high. It was moved to Wisła from a church in Połomia near Jastrzębie...

Built in the years 1902 – 1903 by Bogdan Hoff.

Villa ‘Zacisze’ was originally built for the bishop of the Lutheran Protestant church Juliusz Bursche. It was set on a stone pedestal with a few arcades. The main building is a house made of wooden piles...

The wooden construction enclave of the Beskid Museum was opened on 6 October, 2010. It consists of a smithy (with an exhibition of tools and a reconstruction of original blacksmith’s workplace), a reconstruction of a typical peasant’s cottage with...

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