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Forest Chamber on Przysłop

district: Czarne
st. Czarna Wisełka 3
tel.: 33 855 35 60
tel.: 33 855 24 26

The Forest Chamber in Przysłop is in fact an old forester’s lodge. Built in 1863 it was the oldest wooden building in Wisła and it used to serve as a shelter for grouse hunters who later moved to a Hunter’s Castle (which is now in the centre of Wisła next to the bus station).

Today the Chamber is an exhibition of fauna and flora of the Beskid forests, hunters’ equipment, tools used for forestry work as well as hunters’ trophies. One of the rooms is dedicated to tourism and safety in the mountains. The Chamber is situated on a picturesque forest clearing on one of the slopes of Mount Barania and it can be reached easily from several directions, as quite a number of tourist routes leads to it: from Ropienki, Istebna and Kubalonka.

Opening hours:

From May to October: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Lectures for organized groups can be arranged at PTTK Wisła phone number: 33 855 3560

Forestry superintendence in Wisła: 33 855 2426

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